Slavonice Cup 2012
Bridge Teams’ Tournament April 28 – May 1 2012

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Town of Slavonice


Slavonice is a unique renaissance town on the border of three historical regions – Bohemia, Moravia and Austria. It's 220 km away from Prague and 180 km from Vienna.

The town was founded around 12th century. Originally, it was a market village, which was owned by the lords of Hradec. The village has slowly grown into a fortified town. In the 13th century was probably constructed a sophisticated system of tunnels undermining the town, which can be visited today.

In 14th century the village was enlarged by a large marketplace to the south an to the west. These have turned into present two main squares surrounded by the citizens' houses built on long estates with narrow courtyards and farm buildings in the back.


Between the two squares is located a church of The Assumption of Our Virgin Mary with a dominant tower, from which you can enjoy a great view of the town and surrounding hills.

Nowadays, the town is a regional centre of tourism, with a nature park called 'Czech Canada' with the Landštejn castle in the west and south Moravia in the east.

In the last years the town grows famous because of production of original Maříž ceramics. Come to paint your own cup!



Renaissance town on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which will greatly reward you for the 30 km trip from Slavonice. Castle and main square inspired by Italian renaissance, sgraffitos of the citizens' houses and the town fortifications is just a few of all you shouldn't miss when visiting this region.

There's a direct train connection from Slavonice.

Landštejn Castle

Landštejn Castle

Well preserved ruin of a mighty castle built in the 13th century on the order of the king Přemysl Otakar II. To protect the land's border. The castle is surrounded by deep forests and countless ponds of the 'Czech Canada' nature park, which call for a walk. There are also a few fish restaurants right next to the castle.


Jemnice Castle

Renaissance castle with its park, town fortifications and more than few churches may attract those searching for architectural treasures of the region.

Czech Canada

Czech Canada

A nature park with deep forests dotted by numerous ponds offering almost virgin landscape to relax body and soul. Undemanding terrain enables bike trips also to the less able-bodied, walks are an option for everyone.

Ceramics manufacture


Ceramics manufacture at Maříž grows famous in the last few years for its original ceramics and also for action 'Paint your own cup', which lets all the people try the ceramists' craft.