Slavonice Cup 2012
Bridge Teams’ Tournament April 28 – May 1 2012

We would like to invite all bridge players to 5th international bridge tournament in Slavonice. Players of all levels are most welcome.

Slavonice - main square

The tournament is played in a qualification-final scheme. The exact scheme dependson the number of participating teams and will be published after the entries are closed.

Playing rooms are in the Besídka and Arkáda hotels. All the playing rooms and accomodation are in renaissance houses from the 16th century, situated on the main square in Slavonice.

Prizes given away are cups made of traditional ceramics designed by local artists specially for our tournament.

Registration, entry fees

Per person, includes entry to all the tournaments
 until 31.3.from 1.4.
Only four players in the team pay entry fees.
Basic price450Kč / 20€550Kč / 25€
Up to 25 years200Kč / 9€300Kč / 14€

Entries are accepted until 15. 4. 2012

All the players are obliged to book their accommodation with the organizers. The choice is wide, we believe you‘ll be able to find the most suitable room for you.

Teams of four or more players may take part. Single pairs or single players are also welcome, organizers will help to compose the teams. Everyone will play, but possibly in a team of more than four players.

To register, please send an e-mail to Přemysl Posledník or call +420 777 346 681. E-mail contact is preffered.


There's a train connection from Prague on Friday at 4pm and on Saturday at 10am, arriving back to Prague on Tuesday at 8pm. Travel time is nearly 5 hours, price is at most 9 euro one way, less if more people will travel together. If you wish to take a train to Slavonice, please inform us.

We are able to arrange transfer from Prague airport if alerted in advance. Please inform us about your plans, we will try to arrange the best option for you.

Playing cards